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September 2nd, 2014

Hello! So you are interested in becoming a member of SASA. We welcome people from various backgrounds that can contribute to the wine and beverage culture here in San Antonio. To become a member you will need to attend a meeting where you will fill out our membership form. The first meeting is free. After that there is a $20 per month membership fee. Or you can pay for the quarter or year at that point.

We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:00 AM. Locations are different every month, but are typically at one of the restaurants of a member. Our meetings last for approximately 1.5 – 2.0 hours. The first part of the meeting is intended to be quick with paying of dues, reviewing old business, current meeting topics, bringing up new business, etc. We then get into the main part of our meeting with our tasting and educational section. This will normally be about a specific region of the world or specific varietal or type of wine. We end with deductive tasting (aka blind tasting) for those that wish to stay.

Besides registering and paying dues, becoming and remaining a member of SASA is dependent on adhering to our Bylaws which will be posted elsewhere soon. This will be used to help establish eligibility in becoming a member. While enthusiasts are welcome, they also need to be able to contribute to the organization and the culture here in San Antonio is some way. Below is our Mission Statement:


Our Mission

The San Antonio Sommelier Association (SASA) is dedicated to elevating the San Antonio wine and beverage culture. SASA will achieve this through, but not limited to:
-organizing educational seminars and tastings.
-providing a forum for discussion and debate on industry-related events either through actual meetings or a virtual forum
-establishing scholarships, recognition and support for individuals committed to
advancing their knowledge of wines and spirits and want to further pursue accreditation or certification programs
-interacting with the public in a professional, respectful and humble manner so that the enjoyment of wine and spirits becomes a more accessible option.
– Cultivate relationships with producer, suppliers, distributors and the community with a focus of increasing knowledge and awareness.

While the SASA believes that wine and spirits are things to be enjoyed, this organization will neither serve as a social club nor as a membership society for those individuals not willing to put in the required time and effort to contribute to the success of the group as a whole.
The SASA will promote a community willing to “pay it forward”, realizing that by more people getting involved in the community, the better off the community will become.


So there you have it. Again, to become a member attend one of our meetings. You can contact us to obtain a copy of the membership form so that you can have it filled out ahead of time, but we do not accept membership online or via email as we expect our members to be able to attend meetings.




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San Antonio Sommelier Association

Elevating Wine Culture in San Antonio